Aug. 20, 2018

Next session

The next session is just about upon us.  Clemence and I are travelling on Monday, so we will see you at 08:00 on Tuesday morning.  The room will be available to you to work in for the whole day on Monday.  Our contact session will end on Friday lunchtime.

On Monday Caroline will work with Mateya and Charity on their proposal presentation which they will present either on Wednesday or Thursday evening.  The exact time is still to be determined.  Mateya, Caroline will see you at 11:00 and Charity at 14:00.

For the MEd students please ensure that you bring along all your data - ie transcribed interviews, video recordings, coded survey data and all your coded data as per your analytical framework.  At the end of the contact session we all aim to have completed a first or second draft of 4th Chapter, and have made a good start on the 3rd chapter, the Methodology.

Travel safe - see you next week.