May. 9, 2017

Follow up

Dear all

I am glad that you all travelled safely back home.  I wish to remind you about the following:

  • please e-mail me a short profile of yourself.  See the examples that are up already;
  • I have uploaded some examples of other visualisation proposals onto our site.
  • I have also uploaded the ethics sheet that you need to attach as an appendix at the end of your proposal.
  • the deadline for submitting your first complete draft of your proposal to me is the 10th July.  This only applies to the MEd students.
  • Before you do this however, you need to send it to your research partner who will give you initial feedback and suggestions.  We agreed on the following research partnerships:  Mateya and Ben; Selma and Nelao; Danie and Liina; Julia and Given; Charity and Aune.
  • At the next session you will all present your progress.  I have uploaded your initial ideas.  The PhD presentations will focus specifically on the key concepts of their conceptual framework.

Keep well and kind regards