Oct. 8, 2018

Dear all

The October session is nearly upon us.  Clemence and I will travel next Tuesday and will be ready to interact with you on Wednesday morning at 08:30.  As the MEds are coming to Grahamstown next month, the focus of next week's session will be on the PhDs.  The idea is to polish the proposals in preparation for their submissions in November.  Julia will be presenting her proposal next week.

The MEds are of course welcome to come to NIED to work if they wish to.  Please let me know what your travel arrangements are for your Grahamstown visit next month.

Safe travels



Aug. 20, 2018

The next session is just about upon us.  Clemence and I are travelling on Monday, so we will see you at 08:00 on Tuesday morning.  The room will be available to you to work in for the whole day on Monday.  Our contact session will end on Friday lunchtime.

On Monday Caroline will work with Mateya and Charity on their proposal presentation which they will present either on Wednesday or Thursday evening.  The exact time is still to be determined.  Mateya, Caroline will see you at 11:00 and Charity at 14:00.

For the MEd students please ensure that you bring along all your data - ie transcribed interviews, video recordings, coded survey data and all your coded data as per your analytical framework.  At the end of the contact session we all aim to have completed a first or second draft of 4th Chapter, and have made a good start on the 3rd chapter, the Methodology.

Travel safe - see you next week.


Jun. 8, 2018

Dear all

It's been a while - but here goes.

We just heard the news that Beata's PhD passed with flying colours!!!! WELL DONE Beata - you're an inspiration and we are all so proud of you.

CONGRATULATIONS also to Gaus and Gottfried for graduating with their Masters earlier this year.  Their theses also passed with flying colours and we are very proud of their work.

I hope these three success stories will inspire the others .... persevere and hang in there.

I have been in touch with Christine Stewart, our proofreader for the November contact session here in Grahamstown.  She charges R20 per page of proof reading.

MEds - please keep your chapters coming....we are looking forward to reading the first drafts of your analysis chapters soon.

PhDs - We are eagerly awaiting the next draft of your proposal.  Mateya and Charity, and possibly Julia - you need to be ready for your formal PhD presentation to staff during the next contact session in August.

I hope this finds you all well.

Marc and Clemence


Apr. 30, 2018

Dear all

I have been rather silent - this is because I have been travelling abroad for the past month...but I am back, and it is good to be in the South again!  We see you next week - travel safe.  The aim for next week is:

PhDs - we need to finalise the proposals - please send a draft before next week, if possible.

MEds - we need to finalise the Lit Review.  We also want to make a concrete start with the Methodology and the Analysis Chapters.

I have spoken to Rob Kraft about accommodation for your November visit in Grahamstown.  This is all organised and I hope that you were successful in securing leave etc.

I have posted a timetable for this session on our site.

Kind regards


Mar. 7, 2018

Dear all

The next contact session is two weeks away.  I have just posted the programme.

The objectives of the session are to:

1. For the PhDs - provide feedback on the proposals that you submitted a week ago

2. For the MEds - to discuss your data analysis process from your fieldwork and to provide feedback on your literature review that you are submitting this coming Friday.

We look forward to seeing you - travel safe.

We're all holding thumbs for Mateya who is undergoing a back operation!!!

Kind regards